Our energy levels ebb and flow – that’s part of being human. But there are times when we want to boost our energy levels, ideally almost instantly. And preferably naturally – without resorting to caffeine or other substances.

The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to do this and to be bouncing around like you used to when you were younger, with high energy levels.

Take a power nap

boost energyGoing to sleep to boost your energy levels sounds counter-intuitive. But it’s been used by high achievers for thousands of years (Aristotle took power naps) so there’s a good chance it will work well for you.

A power nap is a very controlled snooze – this guided power nap lasts just 10 minutes, start to finish, and will leave you feeling full of energy.

Power naps are a concentrated rest period – nowhere near as long as a lunch time siesta – and they allow you to unwind for a short time before you come back to the real world, raring to go again.

Go outside

Being outside is a powerful tonic in itself.

If you can get to somewhere natural like a park, even better but that’s not essential.

Ideally, walk briskly as that helps pump oxygen around your body and releases endorphins, which are the body’s own “feel good” chemical.

Stay hydrated

Most of us don’t get anywhere near drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Being hydrated is important as being dehydrated can sap your energy levels.

Keep a glass or a bottle of water somewhere close to you and do your best to get into the habit of drinking from it regularly.

Opinions vary as to whether it should be water, sparkling water or a drink that’s mainly water. If you go down the other drinks route, don’t drink too many sugary drinks and avoid their diet counterparts. Go easy on the caffeine as well – whilst it provides a short term boost, it’s not as good for you in large doses.

Check your diet

If your energy levels dip in the afternoon after a relatively carbohydrate heavy lunch, adjust your eating habits.

Whilst different diets recommend different amounts of carbohyrdates (from almost none in a keto diet through to lots in the regular government advised one) most agree that too many carbs can leave you feeling like you need a rest soon after the meal.

Keep a note of your energy levels and monitor your food intake and you’ll soon start to see which ones aren’t right for you.

Sleep well

You need a good night’s rest, every night.

Otherwise your energy levels the next day won’t be at their best.

Make sure you have a routine for going to bed so that your body knows what it’s supposed to do.

Keep your bedroom dark and a consistent temperature.

And don’t look at your phone screen just before going to sleep (set your alarm earlier if you need to).

Play some bouncy music

Music affects our mood.

Whilst chill-out music is good for playing before bedtime, it’s not as good to get you feeling energetic.

Put on some lively, bouncy, music and play it for a short while to lift your energy levels.

Write things down

The more routine tasks you don’t have to think about, the better.

It saves your brain from having to try to remember everything.

I keep a notepad nearby when I’m working so that I can jot things down as soon as I think of them rather than thinking “Oh, I must remember that” and then promptly forgetting whatever it was.

This frees up your mind to do more important things and stops it worrying about forgetting them.

Find time to laugh

Laughter is an excellent tonic and a quick way to boost your energy levels – it changes the whole dynamic in your body.

There are plenty of ways you can bring extra laughter into your life from videos through to apps.

Choose one or more to suit you and lighten your mood.

Change your brainwaves

Our brains operate at different frequencies depending on what we’re doing.

They’re slow when we’re sleeping, faster when we’re awake and even faster when we’re bounding with energy.

The easiest way to change your brainwaves is to play yourself a brainwave track.

It’s perfectly natural – you’re just tuning your brain to a frequency it’s at when you’re full of energy.

And it’s cheap – no recurring costs, just a small, one-off price for two versions of the track (a full length version and a compressed one when you need to boost your energy super-fast).

You can download an energy boosting brainwave audio here.