It sounds impossible – surely you have to take some kind of drug or chemical to get high?

But – fortunately for your health and your wallet – that’s not the case.

Being high or euphoric or in a state of elation is something our brain does when it decides the moment is appropriate.

It’s that happy feeling you get when someone praises you. Except it’s multiplied many times over.

And you can get the same effect completely naturally and legally. And not with some kind of weasel word clause that says the product you were thinking of buying is for some obscure use and shouldn’t be ingested.

natural highThis all comes down to science – and not the type of science found in Breaking Bad.

Scientists do lots and lots and lots of studies. They’ve been studying brainwaves for about a century now.

Which means some of those studies involve figuring our what state our brain reaches when we’re experiencing highs or euphoria.

It turns out that our brain is running at a certain frequency when this happens – our brain uses different frequencies for different states. So if you’re in a state of deep sleep, your brainwaves will have slowed down considerably. And if you’re in life and soul of the party mode, your brain will be working a lot faster.

And, even though scientists aren’t renowned for being party animals (although apparently Stephen Hawking did visit Stringfellows in London so there are obviously exceptions) that doesn’t stop them being curious.

So, naturally, they’ve investigated the kind of brainwave patterns that are associated with being high and being on top of the world.

Then they set out to naturally recreate the brainwave patterns they found.

The good news is that they worked out what needed to happen.

It’s a technology that’s been around for absolutely ages (I’ve been using it to enhance my meditation for most of this century) and it involves a fairly simple technique of playing two slightly different brainwave sounds, one in each ear.

Our brain decides that those two sounds should really only be one sound – much the same way as it homes in on just one conversation in a busy room rather than trying to monitor all the things that are happening.

In the process of doing that – and you probably won’t notice anything about the process it goes through – it goes into a different state.

That state is decided by the techie who created the track – you don’t need to know anything more complicated than how to put on a set of headphones and press “play” on whatever device you play MP3s on.

Which means the techies involved can get quickly and easily you to a euphoric state – very close to the same one you get when you’re high but without any of the side effects.

The other good news is that once you’ve bought the MP3 (it’s a lot less than one purchase of something a lot less legal) there’s no extra cost involved.

Which means you don’t have to keep going back to a dealer or hunting down the latest “legal high” on eBay or the dark net.

It’s yours to play whenever you feel the need with no side effects – unless you count feeling on top of the workl as a side effect.

Which has got to be win-win.

The other good news is that the effect doesn’t stop when the MP3 stops. It stays with you – often for hours.

So you’ll listen for 15 minutes, get immediate results and enjoy those results for hours after the event.

All without ingesting any nasty chemicals or putting your life in danger or indirectly keeping some nasty cartel in business.

If that seems like a good idea to you, check out this link.