Boredom can set in anywhere but it’s often caused by being inside the same 4 walls, day in, day out with the same people for company and seemingly no hope of anything changing.

The thing is, ultimately it’s up to us whether or not we allow ourselves to get bored. There’s always something to do, it’s just a matter of raising our enthusiasm levels enough to actually do it.

  • boredomGo through your to-do list – or create one if you don’t already have one to hand. Even if you don’t do everything on a to-do list (and you probably won’t) it can be a good way to jog your memory about some things you’d like to happen in your life
  • Take a power nappower naps are short naps, usually only a few minutes in length. The greatest minds of our times have used them to really powerful effect
  • Learn something new – it could be the start of a hobby or just a one-off experience. Either way, it will get your mind working again. And you’d probably be surprised how many times a “just a few minutes” turns into a really absorbing session
  • Tidy somewhere – your room, your desk, whatever’s been secretly bugging you for ages, If the area to be tidied is so big it’s intimidating, just do some of it. Give yourself a segment to tidy with the promise (threat?) of more later
  • Do some research – this could be your family tree, it could be tracking down that long lost friend who you keep meaning to get back in touch with. There’s lots of ways to research things on the internet so you’ve got the perfect solution to do this
  • Cull your emails – yikes! Probably something you’ve been putting off for longer than you care to remember. Deleting all those emails about when the stuff you bought years ago was due to be delivered is quite liberating
  • Meditate – different from the power nap but still some personal chill out time. Nowadays there are electronic “meditation” programs that shortcut the previously lengthy and steep learning curve often associated with meditation
  • Do some yoga – or any other exercise that takes your fancy. Exercise gets endorphins flowing around your body and gives you a natural high which will push your boredom out of the way
  • Find a new career – if it’s been a while since you changed jobs or if you’ve had the misfortune to be downsized, this could raise your enthusiasm levels and take you off in new, maybe exciting, directions
  • Create a vision board – print out some pictures that will help inspire you to go in a new direction and stick them on a message board (or Blu-Tac them somewhere)
  • Cook something new – the internet is full of recipes and we always like to experiment. If you’d normally leave cooking for another day, try a simple recipe and enjoy the process of making it and the taste and texture of the end result
  • Stop procrastinating – this can be one of the roots of boredom because you’ve been putting so many things off for so long, nothing is happening. So when you decide to stop procrastinating – or at least, reduce the amount of procrastination you do – it sets off all sorts of new possibilities
  • Stop pressing “refresh” all the time – it’s easy to get in the habit of looking for something new every few seconds. You press “refresh” on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest and get your hopes up that something fantastic will have been posted since you last looked. Chances are, that’s not the case. Wean yourself out of this habit!
  • Keep a journal – preferably written. Because that has two “wins” – it’s a better, more interactive process than typing and it gets you away from all the distractions of the computer. We’re in danger of losing a lot of information because the internet is so transient so this could be an important source for future historians – who knows!

Whichever way you choose, go with it enthusiastically.

And if you need help to get a bit more enthusiastic, check this link.