Whether you are already working as a professional in your chosen field or still just a high school student struggling to finish a lot of school work, you’ve probably already experienced the awkward situation where your face, ears, neck, start to become as red as a tomato due to certain events which change you. To put it in other words, you’re blushing hard.

blushingBlushing, in itself, is not really that bad when it only happens occasionally. It’s something that happens to everyone, whether they suddenly meet the person they have a crush on or when they becomes the center of attention without them being prepared for it.

However, it becomes a problem when almost every interaction with other people makes you blush even if you’re not really in a situation where you should be blushing that hard in the first place. It sucks big time and makes you feel self-conscious, which can also trigger panic and anxiety attacks.

Here are 7 different tips and tricks to help you calm down and save yourself from those awkward and embarrassing moments where you easily blush.

  • Stop thinking, just breathe – forget the issue at hand and take a deep breathe. The deepest breathe you could ever do. You are blushing because you are extremely excited or stressed at the moment. By consciously breathing, you bring yourself to a state where you’ll get distracted from the current situation, which in turn, will help your nerves to calm down.
  • Remember something funny – the same kind of idea with the first tip, the key to calming your nerves down is to divert your attention to something else entirely. Think back to those funny memes or videos you’ve seen online. There’s probably something there which can give you a chuckle just by thinking about how stupid it is.
  • Simply smile it off – if nothing comes to mind at the moment, you can just smile and trick your brain into thinking that you are calm. This fact is backed by research so it’s really something that you should always keep in mind. Try to keep your smile as natural as possible though, since forcing it might produce negative results instead.
  • Drink something cool – if you have access to some beverages or even just plain old water, don’t hesitate to grab one and hydrate yourself. Heat can greatly enhance the effects of your blushing so it’s always a good practice to drink something cold before or during an event where you are most likely to blush yourself to death.
  • Nod your head down, close your eyes – it’s easy to forget everything that you’ve practiced once you’re already in the middle of a situation you never want to happen. You’ll probably experience “mental block” and your brain won’t function normally as it would so the best next thing you can do is just nod down and look at the ground, then close your eyes for a minute or two. Slowly recall what you’ve learned so far, and apply them as you see fit.
  • Don’t look at their eyes – as they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul so if you don’t want others to look at your soul, just avoid their gazes altogether. Eye contact, especially if you are introverted, is something that some of us are really uncomfortable with. What’s more if you are already in a stressful situation yet everyone’s eyes are locked on to you. Well, not necessarily, but it’s what it feels like when you’re in that certain situation. So to make yourself calm down, just avoid eye contact or you can just close your eyes as the previous tip suggests.
  • Acknowledge your situation – if nothing else works, all you have to do is acknowledge the fact that you blush easily. Don’t be afraid of it and embrace it as a part of yourself. Once you do acknowledge it, you’ll be less anxious the next time it happens, creating this positive feedback loop wherein the more it happens and the more you acknowledge it, the lesser it will bother you and the lesser it will happen again in the future. It’s some weird and confusing concept, but its principles actually works with a lot of personal problems that we’re dealing with.

These are just some of the tips that you can practice on to improve yourself and help you stop from blushing too much. Always remember that you are not alone and as long as you work hard to improve, your efforts will be ultimately rewarded some time in the future.

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