A bit of background: we’ve had a long term (30 plus years) experiment in weight loss that just plain hasn’t worked.

It’s the current five-a-day, low fat, high carbohyrdate diet that’s promoted in the food pyraming and everywhere you turn.

Here in the UK, the National Health Service is saying that carbs are good and that we should eat more of them. More potatoes, more bread, more pasta, anything with carbs.

Which is a nice idea but if you turn your head in the street, you’ll know it’s not working.

keto dietThere’s a really big problem – at least an elephant in the room sized problem in more ways than one – carbs make us fat.

Weirdly, and contrary to near enough everything you read and hear, fat doesn’t make us fat.

That sounds really weird.

Because the logical side of our minds thinks any fat we eat will instantly turn into fat inside us.


It doesn’t – you can hunt down some studies if you really want to or read some in this book and other books or just take it on trust that they’ve done the research, been beaten up by the scientific community (whose grants are paid for by companies like Coca Cola and Kelloggs and the like, so there’s obviously no bias in their results) or just ignored.

Eating a close-to-natural diet does work

We’ve evolved for thousands upon thousands of years.

For most of that time, we haven’t had agriculture.

And we definitely haven’t had convenience stores open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (except in leap years of course).

We didn’t have freezers or fridges or even larders.

So our food wasn’t stored.

If we caught it today or foraged it today, it was on our plate.

If we didn’t, it wasn’t.

So this diet is not one for vegetarians – because (sorry to be the one to break the news) we’re not designed to be veggies.

Instead, it’s for the carnivore in us. Because food that moves is available all year round. It’s never out of season in the way that plants and fruit are. If it’s living and breathing, it’s potentially been on our menu for hundreds of thousands of years.

There’s one really big problem with this method of dieting

That problem is other people’s opinions.

Because the Keto diet is high fat, low carb.

And when I say low carb, I mean it.

  • Phase 8+ if you’re more than 8 stone/112 pounds/50 kilos overweight gives you a carb allowance of 12 carbohydrates per day
  • Phase 4+ if you’re than 4 stone/56 pounds/25 kilos overweight stretches that to 18 carbs per day
  • Phase 2+ if you’re more than 2 stone/28 pounds/12.5 kilos overweight lets you push that to 27 carbs per day

If you’re ever counted carbs, you’ll know that none of those give you much in the way of carbohydrates.

That’s the bad news.

Especially if you like bread, crisps/chips, chocolates, cakes or any of those other nice things we all seem to crave.

And actually pretty bad news if you want to keep to the 5-a-day doctrine. You’d be hard pressed to meet that and stay within even the loosest limit, let alone the other two.

But the Keto diet doesn’t care about that.

Because you’ll probably not be carb counting at all – you’ll just do like I’ve done and near enough eliminate them. I have a few in cream but that’s about it.

Yes, you read that right.


And “good” oils & fats – olive oil, butter, that kind of thing.

Plus lots of meat and fish. Preferably the fattier cuts of meat and oily fish like salmon and mackerel.

The kind of food that we’re told will give us an almost instant heart attack.

Except – and here’s the good news – it doesn’t do that.

Which is why this is a very non-politically correct way of eating.

The Keto diet even goes so far as to suggest that you use green leaves as garnish so that people don’t think you’re not eating your vegetables.

It’s a definite mind-switch and can be awkward when you first start.

You’re looking around for the veg or the bread.

Or you’re dreaming of a piece of fruit or a glass of juice or a chocolate bar or a bowl of ice cream.

But that feeling goes after a while.

Maybe a few days, maybe a bit longer.

Here’s the nice part

Tappetitehere’s no calorie counting.

You eat what you want, stopping only when you’re full.

Which sounds like a recipe (pun intended) for disaster.

But actually isn’t.

Because fat and protein fill us up a lot more than carbs and empty calories do.

If you don’t believe me, try eating a block of cheese or half a dozen eggs (especially if you’re scrambled or fried or mayo’d them) and see how far you get.

It’s not for the sheep – although you’ll probably be munching through them

Your call.

You can carry on starving yourself, counting calories and eating synthetic diet foods.

You might lose weight for a while but then you’ll probably stray and pile more back on than you lost.

Or you can eat naturally, enjoy your food and lose weight at the same time.

And if the idea of the Keto diet is too much to handle, you could always use the Caveman or Keto Diet as a stepping stone.

It’s nearly as effective – and it definitely works for weight loss.

Or you can carry on with the politically correct way of eating and adding pounds to your weight.

I know which I prefer (and it’s not the politically correct way of “eating correctly”).